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Bleach Era Codes – Gift Codes Free! (November 2022)

On the lookout for Bleach Era codes? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list. In this guide, you’ll find all of the currently active game codes. We’ll update this guide as each new Bleach Era code drops, so make sure to bookmark this page to keep track of these exclusive freebies.

Bleach Era is a Roblox game based on the hit anime series, Bleach. You create your very own character in the Bleach universe, choosing between becoming a Hollow, or a Soul Reaper. Explore the world as you progress through plenty of quests, which help you to level up, thus leading to your character becoming increasingly powerful. Moving up the ranks allows you to unlock new skills that you can use against enemies.

Bleach Era Codes

Last checked for new codes on November 29.

  • FreeElementReroll – Free Element Reroll
  • bleachera2soon – XP Boost
  • ExpBoost4 – XP Boost
  • skillpointreset – Free  Skill Points Reset
  • 33klikes – XP Boost
  • FreeResReroll – Free Resurrection Reroll
  • FinallyUpdate – Free Element Reroll
  • 6.9mvisits – XP Boost
  • TeamBleachEra – 1 Hour XP Boost
  • ResetSkillPoints1 – Free Skill Points Reset
  • ResetSkillPoints2 – Free Skill Points Reset
  • ResetSkillPoints3 – Free Skill Points Reset
  • RerollHollowApp1 – Free Hollow Appearance Reroll
  • RerollHollowApp2 – Free Hollow Appearance Reroll
  • RerollHollowApp3 – Free Hollow Appearance Reroll
  • DropBoost1 – Free Drop Boost
  • DropBoost2 – Free Drop Boost
  • DropBoost3 – Free Drop Boost
  • RerollElement1 – Free Element Reroll
  • RerollElement2 – Free Element Reroll
  • RerollElement3 – Free Element Reroll
  • RerollRes1 – Free Resurrection Reroll
  • RerollRes2 – Free Resurrection Reroll
  • RerollRes3 – Free Resurrection Reroll
  • RerollReiatsu1 – Free Reiatsu Reroll
  • RerollReiatsu2 – Free Reiatsu Reroll
  • RerollReiatsu3 – Free Reiatsu Reroll
  • RerollColor1 – Free Zanpakuto Color Reroll
  • RerollColor2 – Free Zanpakuto Color Reroll
  • RerollColor3 – Free Zanpakuto Color Reroll
  • ExpBoost1 – XP Boost
  • ExpBoost2 – XP Boost
  • ExpBoost3 – XP Boost
  • happy2022 – XP Boost

Bleach Era Codes FAQ

Now that we’ve gone over the currently active and expired codes, let’s answer some of your questions.

How Do I Redeem These Codes?

  1. Launch Roblox
  2. Open up Bleach Era
  3. Press the Twitter text box that is found on the main menu
  4. Copy a code from this guide
  5. Paste it into the text box
  6. Press redeem to get your freebies

What Are Codes?

The developers of a game provide codes for their community as a way of thanking you for your support. You can redeem these codes to obtain exclusive free rewards. The rewards you receive depend on the game itself, but the most common ones we see are:

  • In-game currency
  • Buffs
  • Limited-time items
  • Resources

Where Can I Get More Bleach Era Codes?

We’ll update this guide as each new code drops. Codes are usually released after a maintenance period, after a significant update, or during an in-game event. If the game has just been released, you may find codes available during the launch period. Bookmark this page so you never miss out on these fantastic freebies.

You can also keep an eye on the game’s official Roblox page to keep up with updates and announcements regarding Bleach Era.

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