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Heir of Light Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Searching for the best characters to add to your team and wondering who to avoid? Your quest has come to a conclusion! We’ve created an Heir of Light tier list to highlight the best and worst characters in the game, ranking from the heavens of S tier all the way to the lows of D tier. We’ll keep this guide updated when new characters are released, so we recommend that you bookmark this page to stay up to date.

Heir of Light is another fantasy collectible RPG where you collect a wide variety of heroes to build an ultimate team to combat the forces of evil. The game features different skills that you can customise, leaving you with plenty of options on how you want to go about playing the game.

Heir of Light Tier List

Let’s get on with the tier list…

S Tier

  • Leto (Dark)
  • Heylel (Dark)
  • Lucien (Light)
  • Henri (Dark)
  • Lucien [A] (Forest)
  • Enoch (Light)
  • Lucien (Fire)
  • Xita (Light)
  • Carmilla (Water)
  • Leto (Light)
  • Rem (Fire)
  • Opehelia (Light)
  • Lucien (Dark)

A Tier

  • Dunkelhund (Dark)
  • Gretel (Light)
  • Torhino (Forest)
  • Enoch (Dark)
  • Torhino (Water)
  • Laura (Fire)
  • Xita (Fire)
  • Rem (Water)
  • Xita (Water)
  • Carmilla (Light)
  • Xita (Forest)
  • Rem (Forest)
  • Lucien [A] (Dark)
  • Mary (Water)
  • Hopkins (Dark)
  • Reynar (Light)
  • Lucien (Forest)
  • Carmilla (Dark)
  • Heylel (Light)
  • Gwyllgi (Dark)
  • Griselda (Forest)
  • Laura (Light)
  • Leto [A] (Forest)
  • Bjorn (Fire)
  • Mary (Light)
  • Leto (Water)
  • Xita (Dark)
  • Leto [A] (Water)
  • Koume (Fire)
  • Miya (Forest)
  • Belladonas (Fire)
  • Ishmael (Dark)
  • Hern (Light)
  • Koume (Water)
  • Leto [A] (Fire)
  • Lucien [A] (Water)
  • Hern (Forest)
  • Lucien (Water)
  • Saighead (Water)

B Tier

  • Charlotte (Dark)
  • Henri (Forest)
  • Hopkins (Forest)
  • Belladonas (Dark)
  • Henri (Light)
  • Charlotte (Forest)
  • Belladonas (Light)
  • Hopkins (Light)
  • Usher (Fire)
  • Heylel (Forest)
  • Enoch (Fire)
  • Lucien [A] (Light)
  • Koume (Light)
  • Hern (Water)
  • Hopkins (Fire)
  • Griselda (Dark)
  • Koume (Dark)
  • Hern (Fire)
  • Leto [A] (Light)
  • Charlotte (Water)
  • Heylel (Fire)
  • Rem (Light)
  • Laura (Forest)
  • Torhino (Fire)
  • Leto (Forest)
  • Rem (Dark)
  • Carmilla (Forest)
  • Enoch (Water)
  • Enoch (Forest)
  • Henri (Water)
  • Leto (Fire)
  • Belladonas (Water)
  • Hopkins (Water)
  • Griselda (Light)
  • Laura (Dark)
  • Charlotte (Light)
  • Charlotte (Fire)
  • Heylel (Water)
  • Griselda (Fire)
  • Belladonas (Forest)
  • Henri (Fire)
  • Marat (Water)
  • Usher (Light)
  • Leto [A] (Dark)

C Tier

  • Mary (Fire)
  • Usher (Water)
  • Usher (Dark)
  • Torhino (Dark)
  • Usher (Forest)
  • Carmilla (Fire)
  • Gwyllgi (Fire)

D Tier

  • Otik (Fire)
  • Marat (Fire)
  • Monolith (Fire)
  • Griselda (Water)
  • Laura (Water)
  • Gottorp (Fire)
  • Koume (Forest)
  • Rhamaan (Fire)

Heir Of Light Tier List FAQ

We’ll now answer some questions that may have occurred to you while reading our tier list.

What Is A Tier List?

A tier list ranks certain items or weapons in a game, in this case characters, in certain tiers. The tiers help compare the characters and help you choose the best. It also helps you ignore the worst characters in the game, so you don’t waste your time.

How Did We Pick Our Heir Of Light Tier List?

We used a combination of these factors when creating our tier lists:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback
  • General consensus from other tier lists

You should bear in mind though that tier lists are mostly opinionated and they’re all good fun at the end of the day. If you find your favourite character contradicts our tier list, don’t let it stop you from using them!

You can also find out more information about the game on the official Heir Of Light website.

How Often Do You Update Tier Lists?

We’ll update tier lists for a few reasons, some of them being:

  • A new character drops
  • Characters are updated

That will just about do it for this tier list. Make sure to grab the game from the top of the page, check out the articles in paragraph three, and check back frequently to see if any new characters have been added and where they rank.

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