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Idle Heroes Quiz Answers

When the latest quiz in Idle Heroes arrives, naturally, you will want to know the correct answers so you can claim maximum rewards. If you’re unsure, you’ll want a clear list of all the Idle Heroes quiz answers so you can always be on top of everything.

Today’s article will guide you through all the quizzes in the game, which usually become available once a month, or once every couple of months. These events grant players many in-game goodies which can be extremely useful, especially if players answer all the quiz questions correctly.

What is the Idle Heroes quiz?

If you’re new to the game and have not yet partaken in any of the previous quizzes, these are events that occasionally become available (at least once during each season) and they grant players several amazing rewards based on how many questions they answer correctly.

For the fans of the game:

As not a lot of players are familiar with the game’s lore or simply don’t pay attention to it (or other similar game elements), it’s best to follow an Idle Heroes quiz guide which will give you all the right answers to pick from the get-go.

That’s exactly what this article aims to deliver, so without further ado, let’s check out all the latest Idle Heroes quiz answers!

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Latest event – Lutz’s Summer Trip all quiz answers

Part 1: Beijing

Q1: In Ancient Beijing, where did Lutz have to defend against intruders?
Answer: The Great Wall Q2: What is Beijing’s most representative local opera?
Answer: Beijing Opera Q3: Which building is the last place Lutz wants to visit when he travels?
Answer: Realms Gate Q4: Which city is an important cultural centre in Northern China?
Answer: Beijing Q5: In which royal palace did Xiahou once work as a guard?
Answer: The Palace Museum

Q6: It leans against the wall when no one uses it, and then witch loves to ride on it. What is it?
Answer: Broom

Part 2: Chengdu

Q1: Which city is Xiahou’s hometown?
Answer: Chengdu Q2: How many bases around Chengdu can you reach Xiahou’s community?
Answer: 3 Q3: Which food does Xiahou dislike?
Answer: Lutz Q4: Is Xiahou a feline or a bear?
Answer: Bear Q5: What is the most unique handicraft in Xiahou’s hometown?
Answer: Sichuan embroidery

Q6: What can be found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean?
Answer: SpongeBob SquarePants

Part 3: Shanghai

Q1: Xia likes to go to the Shanghai Tower to overlook the whole city. How tall is the tower?
Answer: 632m Q2: Which place is Xia’s least favorite one to visit?
Answer: Soul Temple Q3: Which local cuisine is Xia’s favorite?
Answer: Pan Fried Dumpling Q4: Which is Xia’s favorite Jiangnam style classical garden?
Answer: Yu Garden Q5: Which food below is not a fruit?
Answer: Tomato

Q6: What does Lutz usually like to do at home on weekends?
Answer: All above

Part 4: Hong Kong

Q1: What sports is Lutz keen to see on weekends?
Answer: Horse racing Q2: What is Lutz’s food routine every morning in Hong Kong?
Answer: Dim Sum Q3: What is the local language of Hong Kong?
Answer: Cantonese Q4: Which street in Hong Kong do you need to go to if you want to visit the state of the famous Bruce Lee?
Answer: Avenue of Stars Q5: Where is the most important bar that Lutz frequents on weekends located?
Answer: Lan Kwai Fong Q6: When does Cinderella need to go home so that she won’t change back into her old clothes?
Answer: Before midnight

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