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Miner’s Haven Codes – Gift Codes Free! (November 2022)

A bunch of free Blobcat items and some cash are waiting for you if when you redeem these Miner’s Haven codes

Check out our list of Miner’s Haven codes to improve your mining capability in this sandbox Roblox title. These codes will let you collect exclusive boxes, data restoration chances and other premium items.

Miner’s Haven is known for featuring thousands of collectable items. As a miner, you’ll have to gather them and build bases to contest against others. The game allows you to make friends and add them. In addition, you’ll also compete on the global leaderboards which reset periodically.

Just like Miner’s Haven, we have made lists of codes for plenty of other Roblox games. Read more about them by clicking the links below and don’t forget to bookmark us.


Currently working Miner’s Haven codes

  • HALLOWEEN22! – 3 pumpkin box
  • toomanybugs – Magnificent Box
  • wowspookyday – two free pumpkin boxes
  • ItsWonderful – Redeem code to get iron flakes mine
  • RestEasyNow – Redeem code to get Yoda
  • MakeYourDestiny – Redeem code to get 5x Blobcat Plushie
  • mysoupisaboy – Redeem code for 20x Blobcat Wall
  • SLUMBER – Redeem code to get Ore Gielder
  • twelvetosixteen – Redeem code to get 5x Blobcat Blanket
  • BagelHeart – Redeem to get 5x Blobcat Dab


  • sorryforthedelay – 3x Pumpkin Boxes
  • HeadStart – Redeem code for 100,000 cash
  • DragonThatIsShockinglyLucky – Redeem code for Oof Particles
  • Rthro – Redeem code to get Heavenly Infuser
  • KaBOOOOM – Redeem code to get Rocket Launcher, one life use
  • YesItIsNostalgicToMe – Redeem code to get Heavenly Conveyor
  • EXOTICDAY2020 – Redeem code for 5x Clown Doge
  • whatayear – Redeem code to get Magnificent Box
  • ancientcode – Redeem code to get 10x Ancient Conveyor
  • christmaseve21 – Redeem code to get 1 Magnificent Box
  • CHRISTMAS21 – Redeem code to get Festive Box x3
  • LETSGOOO – Redeem code to get Cake Raffle Box
  • resetunreals – Redeem code to reset unreals
  • restoredata – Redeem code to restore data
  • PUMPKINSANDSTUFF – Redeem code to get Spectral Box x1
  • metaverse
  • easterpart1
  • teleporters
  • secretchristmascode
  • festiveseason
  • spookyghost

How to redeem Miner’s Haven codes?

  • Enter the game and head to the Settings tab
  • Find the redeem codes section
  • Copy one of the codes from the Active ones
  • paste it in the box and tap claim to get the reward
  • Enjoy your rewards!

How to get more Miner’s Haven codes?

Our page has the newest Miner’s Haven codes, so, make sure to bookmark us as it will be easier for you to find the page. Otherwise, you can also follow the game’s Twitter account to find some more codes. Original article by Suchit Mohanty, updates by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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