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Semantle Today Answer – September 16

Looking for the answer for Semantle today? Well, you’re in the right spot. In this guide, we provide the answer for today’s puzzle. What’s more, we keep this article updated every single day, so if you’re a big fan of Semantle, and often struggle to get the right answer, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often. That way, you’ll never miss out on a solution.

Semantle takes the Wordle format in that it provides a daily, word-based puzzle, but rather than give you clues on correct letters, you’re instead given a score on how close your word is to the correct word in terms of definition. In short, it’s a lot more challenging than Wordle, but will give your brain a decent work out if you’re looking for one.

You can play Semantle right now on the official site,

What Is Semantle?

Semantle is a Wordle-like daily puzzle game that, like its inspiration, challenges you to guess a specific word each day. Unlike Wordle though, you don’t get clues based on the letters you pick, but on how close the word is semantically to the actual answer. You get a score based on heat – hot being closer to the actual word – and have to use that to try and guess the word in a set number of goes.

How Does It Work?

You guess a word, and are given a score on how close your guess is, semantically, to the answer that day. Each subsequent guess also gets a score until you get it right, or run out of guesses. So it’s very similar to Wordle, just focused on similar words rather than correct letters.

Semantle Today – Definition

Rather than just straight up give you the answer, we thought we’d start by giving you a hint that might help you to get the answer:

A stiff, sticky fine-grained earth that can be moulded when wet, and is dried and baked to make bricks, pottery, and ceramics.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hint: You don’t get punished for using the ‘Hint’ feature, so go crazy. It will give you a word and a similarity to the actual word, so it’s basically giving you a single free go per day. Don’t waste it.
  • Use a thesaurus: If you’re getting close, with a similarity score pretty high, try and narrow it down using a thesaurus. This will give you similar words to play with.
  • Definition: Lastly, use our definition above! That will give you a good idea of what the word is to help you solve it, without actually giving the game away.

Semantle Today Answer

The answer for Semantle today is:

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