tower of fantasy wanderer creation limit reached fix

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached Fix

Hitting your head against the Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached error? Well, you’re not the only one. In fact, this here Gamezebo writer had that issue too. Fortunately, it shouldn’t stop you from playing the world’s latest gacha RPG, as there is a reliable fix that will allow you to get playing. That’s exactly what this guide is here for – to help you get past this error and get playing.

Not sure what Tower of Fantasy is? It’s hugely inspired by Genshin Impact, featuring a wide-open world that you can explore at your leisure. The focus is on collecting characters, which you can level up and equip with a wide variety of weapons and gear that will increase your power. The world is absolutely full to the brim with activities, secrets, and combat activities to partake in. Learn more about it on the official site.

Tower of Fantasy Wanderer Creation Limit Reached Fix

First off, here’s what the error means: the server has reached maximum capacity and no further characters can be created on it. Some users have taken this error to mean that they have created too many characters on the server – which is confusing when it’s your first account. It doesn’t mean that.

It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t create a character on that server. We’ve found that simply closing the game down and trying again – in the same server – can allow you to create a new character. It also has a tendency to pop up when the server is full, denoted by a red orb next to the name.

If that’s the case, it’s best to just wait until the server’s a little quieter and create your character then. This will likely become less of an issue as the new game frenzy dies down.

And that’s it! Not really a fix, per se, but it will at least help you get into the game faster.

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