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Undecember Runes – All Skills Listed

Want to get a head-start on Undecember? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Needs Games hack and slash ARPG is coming very soon, so we’ve compiled an Undecember Runes guide. Runes might seem like an intimidating concept at first, but they’re fairly simple.

Don’t worry if Undecember doesn’t ring any bells. The game hasn’t released yet, and only a demo is available to play. However, it lands October 12, and combines a world full of ghouls and monsters with button mashing ARPG mechanics. In the game, you play as a customisable character, and your goal is to become the best Rune Hunter around. This is achieved through a steady progression of growing and upgrading your runes and weapons through farming.

Undecember Runes

Okay, let’s get started with this Undecember Runes guide. We’ll take a look at some of the Runes that will be available when the game launches as well as include details on how we recommend using them along what they do.

Undecember Runes – Strength

The three main stat types are Agility, Strength, and Intelligence. Runes benefit from each stat – these runes benefit from strength. The list of runes contains a mixture of passive and active abilities.


Combo swings the weapon to attack the enemy twice, which in itself is fairly simple. However, the more interesting side of the rune appears when it is used during a frenzy, dealing damage faster.

Lightning Strike

This rune converts 50% of the damage to the main property and does a deal of extra damage to enemies caught in the shockwave.

Strong Regenerative Power

Strong Regenerative Power is used as a defensive enhancement, and the cooldown is shared between skills.


On hit, this rune has a +70% chance to inflict cutting effect. Be wary of the -20% reduced speed when Whirlwind is equipped.

Fierce Band

This rune has a Super Strike, which can be triggered every three seconds.

Flame Storm

Flame Storm converts 50% of the damage to the main property and has a fire damage of 250%.

Sentence of Blow

The Sentence of Blow’s sentences activates the number one. The ten second cooldown applies to their effects.

Hushed Shout

This cry rune skill increases the cooldown recovery speed by +18% and increases the area of effect by +5%, just to name a few of its abilities.

Attack Damage Increase

Like the Spell Damage Increase, this rune increases the damage inflicted on the enemy by +20%, however it has a 15% resource cost.

Wide Area Effect

This rune does pretty much what it says on the tin – it increases the area of effect by +20% and then a further +10% on the area of effect damage.


Hunger is +15% melee damage and +one Life on attack hit. Unfortunately, the resource consumption for this rune is expensive coming in with a +20% increase.

Centre of Gravity

This rune gains Centre of Gravity every second while remaining stationary. Again, this rune is costly for resource consu,ption with another +20% increase.


Ignite gives you an ignition power of +15. There’s 100% more ignition damage for 0.5 seconds when first ignited.


This rune has a guaranteed 100% chance to acquire the Overwhelming effect for eight seconds when the control status is abnormal. There’s a 15% resource consumption for this rune.


When on full health, confidence allows you to grant yourself immunity for shield regeneration for three seconds on hit.

Lasting Pain

Lasting Pain has a +15 bleeding ability and a +15% bleeding damage. This rune increases the resource cost by 20%.

Continuous Shout

This rune has a +5% cry skill rune effect, aswell as a +10% cry skill rune duration.

Burning Flame

Burning Flame has an ignition power of +15 and an Ignition Damage of +20%.


Bloodthirst allows you to cease to bleed, aswell as a critical rate +20% to enemies during battle, and a +10% critical strike damage.

Improved Shout

When using Improved Shout with the Shout skill, an increase of damage +4.5% and critical strike damage +7% lasts for five seconds.

Physical Domain Sentences

When equipped, this rune applies a reduced 10% physical damage taken and maximum number of sentences activations is one.

Sentence of Defense

This rune gives +30% armour. Unfortunately, the run has a +15% increased resource consumption.

Leap Attack

Leap Attack has a +30% knockback chance, a further +50% knockback distance, and it’s area of effect is 200.

Crescent Slash

Crescent Slash is an instant physical property weapon range attack. It gives a +180% for physical damage and the existing weapon range is increased by 120.

Earth Blow

Earth Blow has a wide range of 300, +195% physical damage, and attack critical +120%.

Frost Wave

Frost Wave has a cold attribute, a wide range of 600, +110% cold damage and a chill generation of +30.

Shield Charge

Shield Charge boosts your accuracy by +10%, has a wide range of 250, a +240% physical damage, and +10% armour penetration.

Illusion Axe

The Illusion Axe rune has a light range of 200, physical damage of 15%, and a cooldown of three seconds.

Shield Strike

Shield Strike has a wide range of of 450, +25% armour penetration, +50% accuracy, and it increases the physical damage of shield armour by 20%.


Fissure has a wide range of 500, +131% physical damage, and a +20% damage multiplier when the distance of the enemy is within 200 or less.

Frost Strike

Frost Strike has a cold attribute, a wide range of 250, +175% cold damage, and +10 freeze generation.

Lightning Vortex

Lightning Vortex has lightning attributes, a wide range of 650, +142% lightning damage, and vortex range of 200.

Quick Slash

Quick Slash gives the victim a bleeding chance of +20%, has a weapon range attack chain count of three, and +40% damage to bleeding enemies.

Illusion Hook

The Illusion Hook rune has a hook range of 500, physical damage of 57%, and if on hit, it will pull the enemy towards the caster.

Shout of Provocation

Shout of Provocation has a cry range of 350, cry duration of three seconds, and +56% dodge damage for three seconds.

Shout of Terror

The Shout of Terror rune has a cry range of 350, physical damage of 21%, a cry duration of three seconds, and a stun generation of +104.

Fighter’s Wrath

Fighter’s Wrath has a +15% melee damage, increased attack speed of +20%, and a duration of five seconds.

Bulwark of Protection

Bulwark of Protection has a +50% armour, +50 elemental resistance, and a duration of four seconds.


Bloodshed has a +209% physical damage, bleeding change of +20%, and a +15% bleeding damage per stack.

Blood Explosion

Blood explosions buffs stacks when inducing bleeding, has a wide range of 250, and a duration of six seconds.


Guardian has a wide range of 400, and physical damage of +165% when the enemy is below 30% health.

Explosive Slash

Explosive Slash has a +165% fire damage, a flame explosion range of 280, and +154% fire blast fire damage.

Enduring Pain

This rune allows you to acquire pain when hit with maximum number of stacks of pain, gives +2 armour per 20 stacks, and gives addition triggers for endurance explosion at maximum stacks.

Undecember Runes – Agility

The following runes benefit from agility.

Spell Damage Increase

This rune is a bit more sophisticated than the previous ones. Spell Damage Increase increases the damage inflicted on the enemy by +20% when linked with spell skills.

Rapid Shot

Another simple yet effective rune, Rapid Shot fires multiple arrows in a straight line. The more the arrows, the more the damage.

Freezing Arrow

This rune contains five frost spheres, 94% freezing arrows, and 50% damage converted to main element.

Shadow Forest

Shadow Forest has a range of 250, +37% physical damage, and has a variety of cutting effects.

Vital Blow

Vital Blow has a attack critical rate of +140%, +150% critcal damage, and a duration of four seconds.

Piercing Sentry

Piercing Sentry has several crossbow installations, penetrates all targets, and has a bleeding ability of +20.

Enchanted Sentry

Immediate triggers maximum stacks of Crossbow Effect when concentrated by five, and increases Crossbow’s attack speed by 7%.

Sentry Expert

Sentry Expert has 50% reduction in damage taken from a boss when switching to offensive crossbow.

Attack Impulse

Attack Impulse increases 4% dexterity,  and agile 10-per-attack rate by 0.4%.

Poison Arrow Rain

Poison Arrow Rain has an explosion range of 150, poison damage of +70%, and converts 50% of the damage to the main property.

Shockwave Sentry

Shockwave Sentry has several crossbow installations, +10% physical damage, and +30% damage on hit with projectiles.

Shield of Protection

This rune reduces the melee damage taken from enemies by 10%, and when Earth Curtain is activated 2% increased projectile damage taken.

Turning Dagger

Turning Dagger has a number of physical properties, such as physical damage +176%, +100% projectile damage (rare grade effect), and +10% armour penetration (rare grade effect.)

Shock Wave Arrow

Shock Wave Arrow has several physical properties, such as +143% physical damage, penetrates all targets, and +50% damage multiplier on enemy when in range of 200 or less.

Sturdy Sentry

This rune gives +100 to sentry armour, allows sentry to regenerate 1% of Maximum Life per second, but has a 15% increase of resource consumption.

Deadly Poison

Deadly Poison gives +5% more poison damage to enemies, and has a rescource consumption increase of +20%.

Projectile Acceleration

This rune contains a few projectile properties, such as +30% projectile speed, and +25% projectile damage.

Split Projectile

Split Projectile gives projectile separation, but has a -10% decrease in projectile damage.

Sentry Life

Sentry Maximum Life is increased by +10%, and the sentry regenerates 1% of Maximum Life per second.

Blind Aid

Blind Aid gives +20% damage to blind enemies, and blindness +15.

Find Weakness

Find Weakness gives a critical rating of +20%, and has an increased resource consumption by +15%.

Chain Shock

Chain Shock gives +5 damage, and status ailments per chain, as well as +15% damage per chain.

Precise Shot

Precise Shot gives +10% projectile damage to distant enemies, but has a hefty resource consumption of +40%.


Precision has a hit rating of 200, and in increased rescource consumption of +10%.


Slaughter gives +8% to critical damage, with +15% increase of resource consumption.

Increase Duration

Increase Duration increases the Skill Rune duration by +15%, and an increased resource consumption of +15%.

Flowing Pain

Flowing Pain has a poison power of 20, giving +20% poison damage, and a resource consumption of +20%.

Crest of Chaos Resistance

Gives +30 chaos resitance, has a ten second cooldown, a resource consumption of +25%, and the maximum number of sentence activations is one.

Sentence of Avoidance

Gives +25% evasion, an increased resource consumption of +15%, has a five second cooldown, and the max number of sentence activations is one.

Link Rune Acquisition Chance Increase

This rune gives +100% chance to obtain link Rune on hit, has a five second durations, and +5% Link Rune drop rate.

Increased Rarity of Found Items

This rune gives +100% chance to increase rarity of discovered items on hit, and +5% rarity of discovered items.

Increased Skill Rune Drop Chance

This rune gives +100% chance to increase skill rune acquisition on hit, and a skill rune drop rate of +3.8%.

Effect Enhancement

Effefct Enhancement gives +5% Skill Rune Effect, and has an increased resource consumption of +20%.

Spread Shot

A few physical properties of Spread Shot include +130% physical damage, instant trigger, and an arrow count of five.

Rain of Arrows

Rain of Arrows has an explosion area of 150, physical damage of +72%, a hefty cooldown of 20 seconds, and costs 5 Mana.

Fan Blade Sentry

Fan Blade Sentry has more physical properties, crossbow duration of eight seconds, +110% physical damage, and triggers immediately.


Roll gives +10% amplification for evasion, +10% more on evasion, acquires agility effect for one second, and has a maximum number of two uses.

Explosive Arrow

Explosive Arrow has a number of one penetrations, an arrow count of three, +7 fire damage, and a cooldown of 11 seconds.

Dagger Throw

Dagger Throw is impennatrable, gives +158% poison damage, triggers immediately, and has one projectile.

Venom Fang

Venom Fang gives +144% poison damage, has a wide range of 200, +15% increased base speed, and has a damage multiplier of 60% against poisoned enemies.


Marksman has an accuracy of +20%, +1 penetration, +15% more projectile damage, and has a cooldown of four seconds.


Counterattack has a massive area of effect of 400, gives +100% physical damage, and an activation rate of +35%.

Burn Arrow

Burn Arrow has fire properties, such as +200% fire damage, +20% ignition chance, +15% more Ignite Damage, and a High Heat effect when ignition occurs.

Cross Lightning Arrow

Corss Lightning Arrow gives +50% critical rate, penetrates all targets, has an arrow count of three, and +9% lightning damage.

Illusion Strike

Illusion Strike has an area of effect of 200, +172% physical damage, +25% bleeding power, and deals +40% damage to bleeding enemies.

Undecember Runes – Intelligence

These are the runes that benefit from Intelligence.


The Fireball does exactly what it says on the tin. This fairly simple rune allows you to shoot fireballs at enemies, exploding on impact and dealing fire damage. We recommend this for anyone who finds the concept of runes intimidating as this one is easy to pick up.

That’s all for now. Check out the other game guides in paragraph three, and make sure to bookmark this guide to come back soon to learn more.


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