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Valkyrie Force Redeem Codes – Gift Codes Free! (October 2022)

If you’ve been looking for some new and working Valkyrie Force codes, then you’re in the right place. This article will give you all the latest codes so you can claim a bunch of Diamonds, milk, gold, and a lot of other useful resources to help you upgrade your Valkyries and form a strong team.

Currently working Valkyrie Force codes

These are all the active codes for Valkyrie Force at the moment. Make sure to claim them ASAP because they are only valid for a fairly short while. Also, they’re not case-sensitive, so feel free to type them in or copy them – whichever comes easier!

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  • Moonbunny
  • PetRockDay
  • obonlantern
  • backflipcat
  • wearebbf
  • AyamGoreng
  • Zipcodeday
  • Seafarer
  • Juneteenth
  • RedRose
  • Dunsmoke
  • Quyuanday
  • LBRD51
  • Family4ver
  • Mamaboy
  • WeLuvEarth
  • Greatfriday
  • Weworktoday
  • MarchJimmu
  • CatRespect
  • 1stquarter
  • WhiteValen
  • EyouCat
  • ChocoRain
  • Familyday
  • Iloveyou
  • Olympic22
  • Puzzletime
  • Hugmyluv
  • Tigeryear22
  • Hathatday
  • NewYearNewMe
  • SQII94KD0K
  • MZIN445DW
  • JSNPLPQ909
  • MiddleOctober
  • MerryXmas
  • SantaSock
  • SnowEyou
  • HBLovelyVictoria
  • HappyDecember
  • IsComing
  • XmasSong
  • PockyFight
  • MilosShake
  • TreatorTrick
  • Anappleaday
  • AWAK3NING777
  • Surveyxur
  • vfracademy
  • youtubesubs
  • instasubs
  • vfr777
  • nwfbfollow
  • VFXFunnelZTV

How to redeem codes in Valkyrie Force?

If it’s your first time redeeming the codes, then simply follow the steps below! It’s a really simple process and you will get your rewards in just a few seconds. Just make sure to finish the tutorial beforehand.  Step 1: Tap on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
Step 2: Tap on the Settings tab.
Step 3: Type in your code in the little grey box underneath the Music and SFX and then tap on the blue Claim button.
Step 4: Head back to the main screen (Union) and open your mail in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you want more Valkyrie Force codes, make sure to check back here regularly as we update this list as soon as we find a new code or event (since some events can give exclusive codes). So, don’t go too far!

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